My Family

My dad and I

My dad's name is Kesava and he is 41 years old. My dad is an IT executive. His hobbies are reading the newspaper but he only reads it on his computer. He also likes watching Youtube but he tries not to watch to much.

Me my mom and my brother

My mom's name is Sailaja and she is 35 years old. My mom works at Nationwide. Some of my mom's hobbies are to cook and listen to music. She also likes to spend time with us.

My brother is on a bike at the arcade.

My brother's name is Manihar and he is 5 years old. He likes to play outside and watch lots of Youtube. He is a very mischievous. He makes a huge mess that I always have to clean up. Even though he makes me do things that I don't like to do I still love him.

Cultural Heritage

My family's nationality is Indian and we speak Telugu in our home. Some of our customs are to pray and celebrate festivals. We also meet with friends and relatives to celebrate festivals. We also cook special sweets on the day of the festival.

Me and my brother are wearing traditional clothes for a festival.


One of my favorite hobby is biking. I have been biking for a long time. I usually go for a bike ride every other day and they are approximately 5 miles long. Another hobby I have is to make things or fixing things. I sometimes fix my brothers electric biking and make things out of wood with my friends. I like to play and watch tennis. I also have a interest in cars.

My Dream Job

My dream job is a software engineer. Over the summer my dad got me interested into coding apps. As I was doing this I was fascinated that I could write a few lines of code and something actually happens on the device. I watched Youtube videos and with some help I was able to create my own app.


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