The Journey of Abraham Lincoln By Evie Hall

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, he is know for the Emancipation Proclamation and his Gettysburg Address

Lincoln was born in 1809 and he grew up in Kentucky and Indiana, moving to Indiana when he was eight years old. He was an average boy with an average education. He volunteered in The Black Hawk War and this is where his leadership roles began. He was elected by his community to be their captain. Shortly after the war Lincoln began his journey in the world of Politics. He was a part of the Illinois legislature in 1834. Lincoln became a lawyer in 1837. He was a part of the House of Representatives, and later joined the Republican Party, beginning his journey to presidency.

Lincoln was faced with the slavery issues of the U.S. He wrote in Emancipation Proclamation, order the equal treatment of whites and blacks in the United States. This, as you can imagine in this time, was a very controversial issue. Many people despised Lincoln for this decision because slavery was so common and helped many people make money.

In order for Lincoln to be so successful, he needed to be an incredibly strong leader. He had to show his courage and perseverance in order to go through with his idea of the Proclamation. Without his ability to be innovative and his strong ability to lead, Lincoln's presidency would not have been successful.

Leadership: My Situation

If I were a leader, I would unite the Pro-Trump and the Anti-Trump people

In order to unite these two people, there would have to be a middle ground. Because there are so many different opinions in the world of politics, this would be quite the feat. I would begin with finding something that both groups are in favor of, then expand on that topic, bringing the two groups together and changing their negative, hateful attitudes to attitudes of change. Once there would be something to agree on, together we could come together for that cause. I'm sure it would be incredibly difficult to find something that both groups agree on and it would be stressful but the results would be worth it. People are so much stronger together and with such a large force, we could do big things. I would need to use strong leadership skills such as courage, taking initiative and perseverance to pull together these large, emotional groups.



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