The Eight Beatitudes of Badin -Nate Hogan-

1. Blessed are the charitable. They will be shown mercy.

Explanation: Here at Badin, we partake in many different service projects, from donations to physical work. We value all the students who contribute to these charitable deeds and also those who do other kind acts on their own time. We encourage all to live their lives for others, not for themselves.

2. Blessed are those who give their all in their schoolwork. Success will follow them.

While we appreciate all students here, we show pride in thise who try their hardest in all of their work. Even if their best is only a C+, we commend them for their efforts and truly believe that they will go places in life. Never give up!

3. Blessed are the involved, the role models for younger students. They will be called chidlren of God.

Badin High School has many diverse clubs, teams, and opportunities for students to get involved with. We are grateful for the pupils who do just that. Many younger kids look up to them, so we love when the Badin students contribute to our community because it makes the young want to do so, as well.

4. Blessed are the honest, for all will be true to them.

Cheating and lying are never acceptable. We at Badin do not think highly of dishonest acts like those. Unfortunately, it still occurs occasionally. However, that makes us appreciate the other students who apply themselves and do all work themselves, as well as those who own up to not completing an assignment rather that copying someone else's or lying about losing it.

5. Blessed are they who do not judge others, but instead show a friendly smile toward fellow students who seem to be lonely or upset. They will be consoled.

A common issue among teens (and people in general) today is judging. Many teens treat others differently based solely on appearances or rumors/reputation. At Badin, though, we hold respect in our students who go out of their way not to do this and help the "undesirables" through their issues with other students judging them wrongly. It's always nice to see a friendly face when going through a hard time, after all.

6. Blessed are the forgiving, who never hold grudges against their peers. Their sins will be forgiven.

Anger is a natural emotion that all humans experiece at some point. But anger isn't the issue, it's how we deal with those who make us angry. Many people nowadays decide to stay angry and hold grudges, isolating the other person from their life. This only makes the situation worse. Badin values the students who forgive all who wrong them, as Jesus did. Besides, grudges are just extra weight on your back to carry throughout life. We encourage all to just let it go. Talk about it. Forgive.

7. Blessed are they who stand up against injustice, for they will be treated well.

A huge problem in current society, especially in teenagers, is bullying. Many people remain bystanders, simply watching the action unfold instead of helping the victim. We Badin students don't like that. We appreciate the students who stand up for themselves or for others-who make their voice heard to end unjust actions. We want our teens to not be bystanders, but to be heard and make the victims' lives better.

8. Blessed are those who truly care about the well-being of all other students over their own, for they will be cared for.

Jesus always put the needs of others above his own, and we should do the same. We treasure our students who comfort the upset, calm the angered, and help the hurt. We love when students stop to help someone pick up dropped books in the hallway even when they're running late for class, when they help classmates with homework despite needing to do their own, when they stop and talk to someone sitting alone at lunch even though they want to sit with their usual group of friends. It's those kind moments that improve a person's day. We encourage all our students to create those moments for classmates. After all, we are one, big family who should deeply care about one other.

We are a family. We are the RAMily. Let's act like it!

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