On March 8, The Lancet published the latest Series on Maternal and Child Undernutrition, including three new papers that build upon findings from the previous 2008 and 2013 Series, which established an evidence-based global agenda for tackling undernutrition over the past decade. The newest series highlights how the evidence base for nutrition, health, food systems, social protection, and water, sanitation and hygiene interventions have evolved since the 2013 Series and identifies the priority actions needed to regain and accelerate progress within the next decade.

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13 years after the first #LancetSeries on Maternal & Child Undernutrition Series, authors review progress and reaffirm the critical need to focus on the #First1000Days. Find out more here ➡️ https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

Remember the #LancetSeries 🔟 interventions from the 2013 @TheLancet Maternal & Child Undernutrition Series? Find out how the evidence increased along with new interventions. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

Newest #LancetSeries on Maternal & Child Undernutrition offers a roadmap for nutrition stakeholders looking to shape a commitment for the upcoming #N4G Summit. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc #InvestInNutrition

Despite strong evidence on effective interventions, millions of women, children, and adolescents remain #undernourished. Newest #LancetSeries outlines the priority actions needed in order to regain + accelerate progress in the next decade. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

Drivers for undernutrition are diverse, signaling the need for diverse solutions. Latest Maternal & Child Undernutrition @TheLancet series highlights what needs to be done to propel the unfinished agenda on nutrition forward: https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc #InvestInNutrition

We know #COVID19 has widened inequality gaps, leaving vulnerable populations at risk. Newest @TheLancet series on Maternal & Child Undernutrition calls on every sector for a renewed commitment to maternal and child nutrition. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc #InvestInNutrition

The evidence base on what works for mothers + children has grown since the previous 2013 #LancetSeries. Newest series identifies the urgent action needed to protect modest gains under threat by the #COVID19 crisis. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc #InvestInNutrition

#COVID19 has posed serious challenges to achieving the #SDGs. We must work across #foodsystems, #health systems and #socialprotection systems to eliminate maternal and child undernutrition, says new #LancetSeries https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

#FoodSystems must be transformed in help create a better world for all mothers and children. Newest #LancetSeries calls for action across sectors leading up to the #UNFSS2021 to fast-track solutions to achieving the #SDGs https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

New #LancetSeries on Maternal & Child Undernutrition calls on every sector for renewed commitments to nutrition. We can & must work together to strengthen our #FoodSystems so that all mothers and children can be well nourished + resilient. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

Newest @TheLancet series on Maternal & Child Undernutrition reveals the financial commitments and program coverage to support mothers and children are lagging. Investing in nutrition is a critical aspect of maternal and child health #MNCH. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

It’s imperative that food and nutrition security be a part of #COVID19 mitigation strategies. Newest #LancetSeries on Maternal & Child Undernutrition calls for every sector to make informed commitments at the upcoming #N4G Summit #InvestInNutrition https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

W/ just 10 yrs left to reach the #SDGs, #COVID19 has demonstrated the need to address the unfinished undernutrition agenda. New @TheLancet Maternal & Child Undernutrition Series identifies multi-sector strategies as a 🔑 solution. #InvestInNutrition https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

Interventions outlined in #LancetSeries on Maternal & Child Undernutrition targets the #First1000Days and requires renewed commitment, implementation research, and increased domestic + global funding. #InvestInNutrition https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

Evidence from the newest #LancetSeries on Maternal & Child Undernutrition strongly supports the use of preventive small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplementation (SQ-LNS) for reducing childhood stunting, wasting, and underweight. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

We know what works! Data from the newest #LancetSeries strongly supports the scale up of #MMS for healthy pregnancy and birth outcomes + improving maternal health. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

New #LancetSeries revised framework calls for direct interventions to be paired with indirect interventions—like family planning and reproductive #health services, #WASH promotion and more—to improve maternal and child nutrition. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

This just in! New #LancetSeries highlights how both direct + indirect interventions & #health and non-healthcare sector interventions work together to fight maternal and child undernutrition. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

The newest #LancetSeries reinforces how nutritional interventions delivered within and outside the healthcare sector are equally crucial for preventing + managing malnutrition. Sectors must work together in order to fight maternal and child undernutrition. https://adobe.ly/3sujwqc

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Call to Action

The Lancet Series will serve as an important milestone moment to reinvigorate the nutrition community and re-energize champions to propel the nutrition agenda forward into 2021, the Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Year of Action, a roadmap of key events throughout the year. The Year of Action will culminate in the UN Food Systems Summit in September 2021 and the Tokyo N4G Summit in December 2021.

Click here if you are ready to make a commitment at the N4G Summit. Or to access more resources, visit here.