First and foremost — for those who may not have heard the name — Marshmello is an anonymous new producer putting out great music in the trap and future bass scene. As he himself has implied, that is all you really need to know about him; the artist has been pushing a “just enjoy the music, don’t worry about me” mantra since he first appeared. For those who are curious however, new information has surfaced over the past few months leading us to a conclusion as to his potential identity. Three months ago, Marshmello posted “WaVeZ” to Sound Cloud. The profile at the time revealed little-to-nothing regarding who this new artist is, but one thing was for sure — the “new” producer on the block was receiving a ton of high-profile support. His track was quickly shared by a number of well-recognized artists, which led to mass coverage for Marshmello’s fresh production style on many major music publications. Our first taste of the anonymous artist came in the form of a groovy, synth-laced trap production that playfully fit the artist’s fluffy appearance.

Marshmallow is very creative because he found his own thing and did not copy any other DJ. For example he chose to be different and have a helmet and when ever he makes a new song he rites the title he rites it like this WaVeZ that is one of his songs

Marshmello contributes to the world. Marshmello contributes to the world by going on tour and going on stage. He also helps. he also made a little boys dream come true by throwing a private concert.

Marshmallow style includes groove-oriented, synth and bass-heavy electronic dance music.On March 3,2015, Marshmallow posted his first song called "WaVeZ" as an original mix on his Sound Cloud page.As he released more songs, he began to receive support from established and well-known DJs like Skrillex who reposed his song "FinD Me" on his Sound Cloud page.

In conclusion that is a biography on marshmello.

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