Book of Laughs! A Guide To Your Verbal Hammer (That Joke Always Cracks Me Up!)

Benjamin McKeever

How To Get From Point A To Point C Without Dealing With Point B

When you tell a joke, you have to finish it fast or you will hear this- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… As a famous person once said-

“Doth get to the end of the snargglblasted sentence you will be doth ended.”

Interesting, isn’t it? Well, I am going to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. All you have to do is shorten your sentences. It's easy! Read this paragraph here-

“So I went to church one day and I looked up at the ceiling and I see a big circle and then I looked at the priest and said , ’When do we get the bread ‘cause I am starving?’”


Let’s fix that.

“I went to church one day and I said to the priest, ‘When do we get the bread ‘cause I’m starving?’”

Hahaha, hoo hoo hoo! Now, do you see what I did? I left out the tiny little details that just make people snore. I will make the things that I took out or changed in italics-

“So I went to church one day and I looked up at the ceiling and I see a big circle and then I looked at the priest and said , ’When do we get the bread ‘cause I am starving?’”

So the big chunk that says “and I looked at the ceiling and I see a big circle” is excess (unneeded stuff) stuff that you don’t need.

That is the stuff that most people put into their jokes.

I am fairly certain dogs do not have hair.

Ha Ha Ha!

If you want to be really funny, then you have to make your sentences funny too. That is harder than it seems. If I were you, then I would ask other good jokesters about how to make sentences funny.

Now, I am the who is writing this, not them. SO LISTEN TO ME!!! If you want to make sentences funny, you need 3 key elements (things that are part of something);


Fake History (optional)

A point or in the comedy world, Punchline

First of all, you need to know about sarcasm. Sarcasm is like saying something in a way that you don’t mean it. Like this. So pretend that someone says to you that you are stupid. Then you backlash,”Yeah, I am the stupid one.” It is sort of like that.

The next thing is fake history. It is making up a story that did not happen. It’s like saying that I ate a donut before writing this, even though I didn’t.

The final thing is a punchline. It is basically the point of the joke/story. People need them. There is an easy way to have a punchline. Make up a topic and connect it to your punchline. A punchline can also be your main joke in a joke. Like you are saying things and then you say something funny.

Those are the things that you need to make sentences funny.

Hehehe, hoo hoo hoo!

Joke’s On You Comedian-Man!

Hey! Cesar Romero! Shut up!

Yes. The most famous jokester…The Joker!!!

I am talking about the original Joker. Like the old Batman (bleh, they should make a “The Joker Show” instead) with the visual sound effects that said stuff like “Pow!” and “Bang!”, with the occasional “Sock!”. Cesar Romero was the old Joker. I thought he did pretty good. His famous line was, “Jokes on you Batman!([canned] ‘Dun dun duuuunnnnn!)” I adopted that line in the subtitle.

So Cesar Romero did some funny stuff in his career as the Joker. One time when Batman and Robin were in a school recruiting (seeing if certain kids would be fit for whatever it is) kids for their team, Batman was giving a lecture on the Joker and Batman said to look at the Joker’s trick flower and said that sometimes it sprays acid, and sometimes it just squirts water. And then the kids get really close to the projector screen (if you do not know what that is, it is something that you can see an image from a projector on). Then, water squirts out of the flower! The Joker pulls up the screen and pops out from behind it! “Joke’s on you Batman!” says the Joker.

It is soooooo funny.

I also love/despise his leonardo da vinci gun. It fires a red flag that says “BANG!” on it when you pull the trigger instead of a bullet. It is funny.

My favorite jokester is The Joker.

These are the things you need to be a better/good jokester.

Press it (and make sure your sound is on!)!

Personal Comment:

I made this article because people around me are say nonsensical jokes. It gets boring. So I thought that if I made this article, then people would have funnier jokes.


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