Number the Stars By sebastian llamas

Main idea: The main idea of the first chapter is about the soilders at every corner. How Ellen and Annemarie had to take a new route to home. So the soilders can't remember there faces. Annemarie was just practiceing for her running test for Friday. She was running till the soldiers stop her and Ellen.

Main idea: the main idea is about king Christrian X and Sweden. That Sweden was untouched by the nazis. There king was gonna bout to die but he didn't. Because he fell after his horse push him off his back. Then king Christian x landed on his back.

Chapter 3 is main idea is about how the German soilders how closed the shops of every Jew. How they will help the Jews make money. Because there shops are closed down. Annemarie found out because she went to the button store and saw it with a nazi sign. She went back to her house and told there parents it was closed.

Chapter 4 is main idea is about how the soilders have all the Jews names and addresses. So they need to hide Ellen so she won't be "relocated". They hide her in Annemarie's house. All they did was pretend to be sisters. That made them seem like sisters when the nazis came.

The main idea of chapter 5 is about Ellen hiding in the johnasens apartment. The nazis coming in to take away any Jew in there house. They managed to keep Ellen and not let her go away. Annemarie's dad saved the day by ripping out a page of there family together. So Ellen would seem to be in there family. Ellen has black hair and the rest have blond hair.

Chapter 6 is about how they have to go to uncle Henricks house to stay safe away from the nazis. Annemarie's dad uses code words to Henricks To make Annmarie and Ellen not know the truth. Her dad said "is the weather good for fishing". This is one of the sentence of code. They say this because the Jews are gonna escape to Sweden. Because Sweden is untouched by the nazis.

Chapter 7 is about how Ellen and Annemarie can't talk to no one but only her family. Because it will be hard to introduce Ellen to them. How that there were setting a plan for Ellen. About it is that the Jews have to go to Sweden. This is including Ellen and her family.

Chapter 8 is how aunt birte will be lying in Henricks house. But Annemarie is quite certain that there was no great aunt birte in her family. She knows this because she heard every family story. There was never once a great aunt birte. So this means there is no body in the casket.

Chapter 9 is about people that knew great aunt birte so they went to henricks house to see the casket. But still Annemarie knew that there was no great aunt birte. Henricks told Annemarie that they were lying but Ellen still thought it was true. The people around them didn't talk. This reason is because they never knew great aunt birte to say past time with her.

Chapter 10 is about The nazi officers going in Henricks house.They tell them to open the lid of great aunt birte. Then the nazis slapped mama in the face Then they were gonna open the casket. There was nothing but blankets in it. They had to keep them warm for the night.

Chapter 11 is about how Henricks is taking the families to Sweden on boat. How the casket had nobody in it but cloths and blankets for the night. Peter is gonna be gone for a while also. With his help there going to Sweden. This help makes it more safer for them on boat.

Chapter 12 is about how Annemarie wakes up with no one in the house. She finds Kiristi and the cat lying in a bed together. Annemarie steps outside sees a dark figure lying on the ground. It was her mom. She then ran over there as fast as she could.

Chapter 13 is about how Annemarie's mom broke her ankle. The packet that peter gave to mr Rosen has fell out of his pocket. He had tripped on a branch. Then mama said it would have been all for nothing. She says this because the packet is very important of what ever it has in it.

Chapter 14 is about Annemarie running through the woods . She then tried to reach the docks and the fishing boats. But then she heard some noises in the bushes behind her. She walked up to the bush carefully. There were two dogs and four armed men.

Chapter 15 is about how the soldiers and the dogs ruined uncle Henricks lunch by eating it and feeding it to there dogs. But the soldiers found the packet on the bottom of the basket. After that Annemarie went to Henricks boat and gave him the packet. She found out it was a handkerchief in the packet. That handkerchief was very important to them.

Chapter 16 is about how Annemarie has saved Ellen's life with the handkerchief. As if there was a special drug in it to mess up every dogs smell. The Rosens are safe in Sweden. Annemarie will see her soon mama said. Annemarie had been thought a milking lesson during the conversation with Henricks and herself.

Chapter 17 is about peters death. He had been shot by the nazis. There parents told Annemarie Lise's true death story. Lise was part of the resistance for the Jews. Annemarie's dad is fixing the necklace,the Star of David. Ellen had worned it because she was Jewish.

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