Fab-You-Lous fNU Reena

MY class was assigned to do the 3 different product for 3 different machine and those machine were SLA- form2 3d printer, Laser cut versa laser 4.60 and the SRM-20.

3d Printer SLA form 2 by formlabs

This is an SLA form2 by formulas 3d printer. It works by curing resin with specific wavelengths of light. The light solidifies the liquid by a process name photo-polymerization and build objects layer by layer. And it takes a lot of time to print out things.


I designed this brooch for the 3d printer and it came out really well which is quite good. It has all the angles, edges and a sharp lines I wanted after it was done you suppose to put the product made with resin into alcohol for it’s stability. It took me appx 2 hours to print out this brooch.

Lasercut Versalaser 4.60

The laser cut versa laser 4.60 is able to cut and engrave the wood and plastic. This machine is much likely based on Microsoft windows. You just need a 2d drawing to cut out and make sure it tells the software what line to cu out and what lines to be graved in wood. It only takes 30 seconds to one minute to cut out things.

Designed H

I believe this H came out the way I wanted, i designed the same and it looks pretty too.


This SRM-20 is a subtractive and rapid prototyping machine. You just need to cad your file and save it as STL because of the Srp player. The time it takes to finish up the product is more than the laser cut and less than the spa 3d printer.


The thing I noticed that it can subtract the wood from outside but can’t do the same thing for the inside edges. I designed a horsie for the machine as I said it doesn’t cut the edges from inside because the drill doesn’t fit.

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