Trip to Mars Lisandro Rodriguez December 2, 2016 Geo Space P.7

Mission Objective

The launch to Mars will occur in the year of 2050 in Fort Collins Colorado. The goal for this mission is to travel to mars and explore its surface and collect data. Traveling to mars will take about 4 years but the astronauts will stay on Mars for 6 years. Resources and supplies have already been sent to mars such as habitats, food, water, and survival weapons.


For this mission there will be 4 astronauts Bryan, Issac, Mary, and Emma. Issac and Emma are pilots to fly and control the spacecraft and the others are scientist to do any experiments while on Mars. Astronauts were trained to be in zero gravity, fly in a spacecraft, protect themselves from any harm and to work together as a team.


The spacecraft for this mission will be a small jet with really thick and strong metal that can withstand the debris from space and has super heated fuel to make it to Mars and back to Earth. It will also have weapons to protect themselves from any danger. Astronauts will need to work out and eat healthy everyday to prevent bone and muscle decay from zero gravity.

Living on Mars

When the astronauts arrive to Mars they will have a small home like building for a habitat. Their habitat will have cameras and traps all around if their is any life on Mars that is dangerous. Things they'll need to survive on mars is food, water, weapons, and oxygen. The 2 scientists will be experimenting with anything they come across on the surface of Mars like rocks, water, air, or life on Mars

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