Aspects of The Florida Museum of Natural History By: Ayla sage

Nature on Display

One of the exhibits I found extremely pleasing and soothing was the Butterfly Rainforest. Although the butterflies were technically still in captivity, it was beautiful to see them flying around in something that was much larger than the average cage for an animal. It was an experience that the every day person does not get to witness. The exhibit particularly captured my attention not only because of how many butterflies there were, but because it was set up much differently than the other parts of the museum. Obviously it was outside and I was viewing live animals, but there were no signs on the outside talking of all the butterflies and specific facts. However, there was a laminated binder talking about flowers, but it was optional to look at. I think having all the signs with facts on the inside was a good choice because it allows you to really appreciate the beauty of the live butterflies. I learned how some parts of the natural world can be so delicate. These animals needed to be watched and fed to make sure they survived. Also learned that we are humans in their territory, they are not in ours. You must be cautious of your surrounding when entering areas that are not as civilized than most are used to. I found my experience to be so enjoyable I believe because it was something new and something I got to do out of the ordinary.

Nature and Ethics

The environment and how it is treated by humans is something I take into great account. I am a major advocate for finding better sustainability methods and I plan to help this situation. This is also what pushes me to continue on the track of becoming an environmental engineer. I experienced partially what Leopold expressed in his quotes in the Butterfly Rainforest. Although, I didn’t feel it entirely because I was not entirely in nature; these butterflies were held captive (in good conditions) in a museum for people’s amusement. Truthfully, I did not think much of nature while walking around the other parts of the museum. I felt like I would in the presence of a man made building, walking around as a tourist. There were some elderly couples who seemed to be enjoying the museum together but simply as a common activity they brought themselves to do for amusement. Children were fascinated by the bright colors and hand-on activities as they like to be curious and get their hands on things. There was one part of the museum that allowed to me relate the museum to Leopold slightly. My friend and I found a play house that gave fact all about how to help become more sustainable and eco-friendly from a household. Since we have taken over nature and like to think of ourselves as “conquerers” it is important that we at least to mitigate our impacts in the castles we like to call our homes.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Clearly since this was a history museum, there were many artifacts and presentations relating to the past and evolution. I believe that it is important to take a step back and recognize that there were many people and many things that occurred that made Earth the way it is currently. We are not the only relevant era of humans. This museum allowed me to appreciate all of what I just explained. There was an exhibit that showed found tips of spears carved from various types of stones. Who made these? What were they used for? How valuable are they now? These are all questions that could be asked. I think the past better helps us understand who we are because it showed us how we evolved, if evolution is something that you believe in, and honestly this is what I believe in since I base most things on science and facts. We can better appreciate the mystery and majesty of the world by showing us things we never knew existed. For example, I discovered an extinct species of shark. Growing up in south Florida and on the water, I’ve always been extremely interested in marine life so this was exciting to see.


all pictures were taken by myself

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