Alfie Siberian tiger

In Siberia a cold snowy place lies the Siberian Tiger.


Siberian Tigers who, are petrifying and have jet black stripes,have striped skin under their fur. Rapid tigerscan be as big as three point three metres long. Siberian Tigers can live up to twenty to twenty six years old. Male front paw pads are bigger than a female's paw pads. Tigers can purr six times louder than a domestic cat.


Tigers-towering and strong-eat boar and deer. Accordintg to experts they can also eat rabbits . Sieberian Tigers-raucous and fierce - are carnivores. They eat meat because their canines are made for tearing meat so there is just bones.


Siberian Tigers can live in south east Russia also known as Siberia. They can be found in little numbers in North Korea and China. They Roam in ice cold freezing forests. They take advantage of their thick fur in cold temperatures.


Tigers can give birth to 2-6 cubs. A female tiger looks after their cubs for 2-3 years. Giving birth is a very important part of their life. Tigers are extremely rare so there must be more in life.


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