A Serenade for Fanny“ is a modern, inventive and entertaining documentary film about personal identity and sense of belonging, the bond between generations and the power of big dreams.

Together with the charming Fanny (90), who was resettled from former Yugoslavia at the beginning of the Second World War and her ambitious granddaughter Alex (30) from Germany, we invite the audience on a journey through the life of two powerful ladies of totally different generations. They will learn about female role models, and how they have changed in the last century. They will get a feeling about what it means to loose home, family and to be forced to build up a new existence in a foreign country. And they will be inspired by how strong your personal impact on life can be when you have the strength to carry on. “A Serenade for Fanny“ should encourage everyone to show persistence in hard times, to break free of social conventions and to believe in dreams when they come to you - no matter how old you are!

Director Monique Marmodée - Always with a preference for genuine stories with strong and independent female film characters, Monique has been working in film industry for more than ten years. After studying journalism and focusing on documentaries, she graduated with a master in Creative Producing at Hamburg Media School. During her studies she has been actively engaged in the German Association of Film Students and has been awarded for a scholarship by the German Producers Association „Verbund der Film- und Fernsehproduzenten“.

Moniques films were screened at national and international film festivals and won several awards, i.e. the Excellence in Women's Filmmaking Award at the ÈCU 2015 („Final Stroke“). Currently she works as a screenwriter, director and creative producer for series, features and documentary procutions, i.a. for and in cooperation with companies like Studio Hamburg/Letterbox, stern, Vice Media. Tag/Traum, Kinescope.

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