Florida Museum of Natural History haroon ahmad

One particular exhibit that captured my attention was the frog exhibit. The main drawing point of this section were the live frogs on display. To see all the different types of frogs in action interacting with their surroundings in different ways was truly a site to see. This exhibit opened my eyes to the various and unique characteristics of frogs that i had previously overlooked. It was moments like these that made my museum experience much more enjoyable.
Visiting the butterfly garden was probably the most immersive experience at the museum. Being surrounded by various plants, running water, and free-roaming butterflies gave a feeling of tranquility and peace. I believe that an experience like this strongly supports Leopold's argument of appreciating nature for its beauty, not for its land value. This was an inspiring experience that may motivate me experience nature's wonders in other locations.
This jaw of an extinct species of shark blew my mind when I first saw it. The first thing it made me think of was how nature ended up creating a creature so massive and deadly almost out of nothing. It also made me think about how that shark and I could both eventually be traced back to the same origin. It was this moment when I realized how mysterious and almost magical nature really is. This is likely an experience I will not forget.

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