Nicole Aberle-Malzahn Marine biologist (NTNU)

What is your specific role in the project?

As a participant and PhD supervisor in Research Foci 3 "The living Barents Sea", the focus is on investigating climate-change induced shifts in trophic relations and alterations on food quantity/quality and trophic transfer efficiency in the Barents Sea ecosystem. Especially the role of tiny protists grazing on phytoplankton and their role as a food source for larger zooplankton in a future Barents Sea are a central research focus.

Which scientific question do you hope to answer at the end of the project?

How does the nutritional quality and quantity in the diets of planktonic consumers vary on seasonal and spatial scales in the Barents Sea ecosystem and how does climate change affect trophic relations and the nutritional condition of consumers under future ocean conditions.

If you had to choose another discipline within the Nansen Legacy, which one would you choose?

My principal discipline is biological oceanography but physical oceanography is a discipline that fascinates me a lot.

The Arctic, what fascinates you the most?

The Arctic is a fascinating environment in terms of both remoteness and the harshness.

What is the first thing you think off when hearing the name, Fridtjof Nansen?

The ship FRAM and Nansen’s FRAM expedition. Based on Nansen's observations on drift and ocean currents recorded during the Fram expedition, the so-called Ekman-spiral describing the effects of surface winds on the oceans current systems was described.

Which book/film/music has made the largest impression on you lately?

The Blue Planet II is a fascinating nature documentary on marine life with many Ooh and Aah moments. A nice read are the books ‘Fast genial’ and ‘Becks letzter Sommer’ by Benedict Wells, a German-Swiss novelist.

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