Cameras and Camcorders By Jason Lyons

Polaroid or instant cameras take photos and print them instantly on some card.The price can range from around £20 -£160 and the sizes vary.They were first made in 1948 but have come back into fashion.however they only support still photo.Do not support any type of memory card.

SLR Camera

SLR cameras are a camera for taking more professional image than a Polaroid and the price can range from £200 to £1300.They are normally bought with a case and are reasonably big.They normaly use memory cards and can take photos and videos.


These cameras are used for a very high quality picture mainly used in professional businesses.The features include the ability to take pictures and videos,interchangeable lenses,you can add a mic,changing the setting to adapt to surroundings and in some cameras you can add filters after you have taken the picture.Also you can add other flashes to the top.The prices can range from £300 to £2000.They are so expensive as they have the most pixels and more zoom available.Some of these cameras will be able to put photos onto your computer through USB or with HDMI.

Bridge cameras

Bridge cameras are like DSLR cameras but are cheaper and the lens isn't interchangeable and you cant add new flashes.These are used more frequently for recreational use.They take photo,videos and have different settings.The prices can range from £100-£600.They use memory cards and can download photos onto your computer with USB.

Compact cameras

Compact cameras are used for point and shoot photography and are the normally the cheapest digital cameras so are used more for recreational use.They use memory cards and have around 16 megapixels.The features include photo,video,zooming,and environment settings.The prices range from £20 to £100.Also some compact cameras are waterproof and some can download from a USB cable.

Memory Cards

Memory cards are a way to store additional pictures on cameras computers and camcorders.They can also be used to transfer content on the memory card between devices.They come in different sizes,normal and micro,and different types: SDSC which can be up to 2 GB,SDHC which can be as big as 32 GB and SDXC which can be as big as 2 TB in capacity.The bigger the capacity you card is the more expensive it usually is for example a top of range SDXC can go up to around £650.


Camcorders are cameras that are specially designed to take video.They include features like zoom,high quality video,IRIS,White balance and other settings.They can range from small stick used only for video to bigger consumer one to expensive professional television recorders.The price can range from £20 for a kids one to $39,000 for a professional one.Camcorders just above the kids ones are the type that is usually bought by the consumer as it isn't majorly expensive but have lots of features like anti-shake video,environment settings and also take pictures.They normally need memory cards and some of the mid range,action cameras and high end recorders have Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

360 degree cameras

This type of camera has just started to get to a consumer level price range and more and more people are starting use it.It has been used by google for street view for years but now people take 360 degree video for virtual reality.Because of this most cameras can stream over WiFi a full view of whats around you.Prices can start at around £150 but can be as high as £550.However most of these cameras are shock proof,water proof or resistant and dust proof.They can also be different shapes to best fit when you would use it like a stick when you would be walking more or a ball for video from the air.


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