Tv make Alex lee

Research on My role

A camera operator is a operator of a film or a video.They are responsible designing the lighting and maintaining composition and camera angles throughout a shot or a scene.A camera man always collaborate with the director and actor to make creative decision.A TriCaster is a multi-camera production n for creating visually stunning programs for live streaming.A doll shot is a tracking shot where the camera moves alongside the object while recording .The steadicam shot is one of the most difficult shot for a camera man .They have to follow a predetermined path,while simultaneously adjusting the camera avoiding any obstacles while supporting more than 32 kg of equipment.To a camera man you must have good commutation skill and understanding what others are telling you and the ability to convey instructions.

Analysis of distribution of 1 Program.

The Tv Program I chose is a tv show that I have be watching more many seasons and it is related to marvel.The Tv show is called Marvel agents of shield .The story is about a group of organisation called shield who is trying to save the world.The main part of the tv show is Coulson and his team saving the world from a group of terrorist called hydra .Some episodes in the show influenced by the events that happen in the cinematic movies.The show also goes more details into the events in the movies for example in the movies it shows that Coulson died but in the episode it shoes how he came back to life.The main way the tv show promotes itself is by advertising their trailers through social media such as Facebook.The actors in the tv show interacts with the audience by making a live video on Facebook and doing a Q&A.With all this trailer on social media the tv show is getting a wider range of audience .

Analysing a TV Make: Blue Peter


Production Documentation

Evidence of you own make

Rehearsal Footage

Distribution possblities

This video our group made could be distributed through different social media platform such as Facebook and youtube If people in our school want to access our video they could easily access through youtube .The reasons why we release our video through youtube is because many teenager in our generation use youtube everyday,It also easier to find our target audience through this social platform.The target audience for this video are teenager because it is easier to reach out to them through social media.We could also post a link of our video through Facebook ,Instergram in that way our video will become famous.

Final Evaluation Plan

This TV Unit was very challenging for me because I was trying something new.My role in this unit was being a cameraman and I only had a week to prepare before we started film.During the production I felt a lot of pressure because it was my first time holding a camera .One of the problems we had was that the script was handed to us on the day we were filming so camera operators didn't have time to study the script .The rehearses was tense , I was sweating a lot because of the concentration to make sure we went according to plan .At the end I was very satisfied about the outcome of our video .Overall I enjoy this unit,my experience as a cameraman was thriller and I would love to improve further .If I had a chances to do it again I would love to do .

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