Yellowstone National Park A perfect place to visit

There are many sites to see here!

You might've heard of the famous geyser Old Faithful!

Yellowstone's biggest geyser: Steamboat geyser!

This is my favorite geyser, Grotto Geyser. The shape is super unique and cool. Scientists think the shape was caused by the natural silica deposits from a small geyser coated tree trunks and formed this geyser's shell.

The Yellowstone Lodge is one of the only "hotels" you can stay at, and it has limited rooms, but it has good food and a nice, Western feel to it!

What should you bring? This should help!

Typically, you can make the entire loop of Yellowstone in a day, but if you want to be able to stop and fish in the Yellowstone River or take a hike on one of the hiking trails, then be prepared to spend the night in your car or in Yellowstone Lodge.

If you are wondering about the cost, it's very cheap. It's only $151 for a room with a bath, and $91 for a room without (nightly rates). The other cost is all up to you, depending on how much you spend on food or materials to bring to Yellowstone.

The price to fly from Columbus Airport to Jackson Hole Airport in Jackson, WY is $574 for United Airlines and $582 for Delta Airlines. Jackson Hole Airport is only about an hour away from the South Entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

If you really wanted to take a scenic road trip from Columbus, Ohio directly to Yellowstone National Park, it would take about 26 hours if you drove nonstop. It is a whopping 82,190 miles, and it would cost about $12328.5 in gas prices, considering the average amount is 15 cents per mile. It is much cheaper to fly and have it take 6 hours rather than a 26 hour costly trip.

FUN FACT: Devastating fires have swept through Yellowstone due to recent droughts, killing much of the trees. A lot of the trees were already dead, due to an outbreak of beetles that eat the trees. This is why the fire spreads, because the dry, dead trees can easily catch fire and fall over and spread it to new, living trees.

Most of the geysers can only be accessed by foot, but the Great Fountain Geyser is in a drive-around loop that you can see from your car. The loop also includes a few other geysers, listed below.

Other Geysers that can be observed from parking. These are part of the White Dome Geyser group, which erupt frequently, but aren't as spectacular as Great Fountain. Here's a video of some features in Yellowstone!

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