Reflective Journal 7 thomas cheshire

Monday - Today Shawn has decided not to come in today since when i asked jack why he wasn't here, he responded with "He's just being lazy", but i can't be to sure that's the reason why so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. So what I have done today is finished my sword design on paper and I also finished the poster for the game. What i think went well with the sword was the size and the shape I drew it in but what i think didn't go well was the shading that i did on it since it wasn't good at all, it looked okay but it didn't look good. What i think went well on the poster is the elemental icon in the center and the writing under it since those describe the game in their own way but what i think didn't go well is the elemental flux title at the top since it looks a little bit blurred and its just plain purple which doesn't look good at all. What i can do to improve the shading is to use the proper shading pencil for it so i don't have another problem. What i can do to improve the poster is to add more images to make it stand out more and I could use sharper colors for the elemental flux title so that it wont be burred.

Now I've made plans for the sounds by making a list of sounds which the game will need to be better. It's a list of 18 and there will possibly be more in the future but for now this will have to do until Shawn gets to college. I've also made a few tile sets for the game so that Shawn will get a better image in his head of what the blocks should look like.

These are the 3 tilesets that i drew for the game to help Shawn get a better idea on what the blocks should look like
This is the list of sounds and background music that will be needed in the game.
This is the picture of the sword that i drew so that i could get an idea of what it would look like in the game.
This is the poster for the game.

Tuesday - Today I didn't do anything because at first i only went to English since its the only lesson i have that day and the reason why i didn't do anything at home is because i was at my dad's until 12 doing some work in his garage

Thursday - Today I worked on my Stencyl and i also upgraded the poster a bit. On Stencyl i worked on the character movement and i put together the animations for the character that Shawn made for me. What i think went well with the poster is the extra images that stand out which I've added into the poster. What i don't think went well with the poster is is the 2 fists on either side of the poster because they don't match with the background. What i think went well with the Stencyl coding is the character movement because in only 5 - 6 minutes i completed the basic part of the character movement with the animations attached onto it but what i think didn't go well is the animation that i couldn't figure out, since i tried a lot of things but i couldn't do it, i'll try again soon though.

Friday - Today I managed to create a Starting Menu for the game and I've also added in a play button and a quit button. What I think went well with it is the fact that i made 3 different animations for it which is un-hovered which is the animation when the mouse isn't hovering over it. There is hovered animation where the mouse is hovering over it. The third animation is pressed, when the buttons are pressed it changes color and if the play button is pressed it will play the game and if the quit button is pressed the game will turn off. There isn't anything bad with these but i could add more color, so that's the only thing i would change about the buttons. The buttons need more colour.

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