Italy has meany sports and one of them is football.Italy has one the FIFA world cup 4 times in (1934,1938,1982,2006).football was first played in Italy in 1981.

this is long time ago when Italy began to play football in 1981

this is the Italian football teams flag

this is the football field before the has started

this is gianluigi buffon he is the goal keeper of the Italy team

this is the fans cheering for the Italy team

this is a very old picture of the Italian team

this is on of the football player of the Italian team

this is the team when they won the one the season

the other sport that Italy does is horse riding

this is about one of the best horse riders in Italy this was in{2015}

this is a picture if the police on horses patrolling around town

Italy also plays ice hockey these are pictures of them playing

another one of Italy sports is car racing and here are the car they build and they some of them they race in

this is car racing in Italy


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