Kuwait by:tyler skeen


The Four Hemispheres
Bordering States of Kuwait

The coordinates of Kuwait City is 27N and 40E

Physical Features

These are the lines of latitude and longitude, which on Kuwait is 27N and 40E Political boundaries and Temperature Zones


The population of Kuwait is 3.89 million, which is medium and world rank of 12th

Population Density of Kuwait, and is crowded and has a world rank of 12th and is growing fast
Kuwait is urban

The five largest cites are Al Ahmadi, Hawailli, Al Farwaniyah, Al Fanahill and Kuwait City, also is migrating


My country that I am researching is Kuwait and the information that i have research is that Kuwait is developing. They are developing because they only have 77.64 years of Life expectancy and not 78 and only 95% Literacy Rate and not 99%


The Religion of Kuwait is Christian, Muslim and Buddhist. The languages of Kuwait are Arabic, Latin, Filipino, Omani and Balochi
  • Cultural name Kuwaiti
  • In the 18th Century, Saudi Arabia battled with Kuwait
  • 45% Kuwaiti, 35% Arab, 9% South Asian, 4% Iranian and 7% other


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