Steve Jobs Businessman and Inventor

  • Apple Computer was first established in 1976 with co-founder Steve Wozniak
  • The first computer they ever worked on together was the Apple I
  • Soon after designing their first computer, Jobs and Wozniak received funding from an Intel marketing manager
  • With that support, the team was able to produce the Apple II in 1977, their first consumer product that actually went on the market
  • Apple became a very popular brand, and were described as breaking the "glass age ceiling" because of how young both co-founders were at the time.

Apple Silentype (1979) - Thermal printer

Apple Lisa (1983)

Apple Macintosh (1984) - First Macintosh project

Macintosh Portable (1989) - First Apple laptop

iMac (1998) - First iMac model

Macbook Pro (2006) - First Macbook model

iPod Classic (2001) - Influenced digital music

Apple TV (2007) - Influenced how media can be streamed onto different platforms

iPhone 3G (2007) - Influenced the design of smartphones, promoted the idea of touch screens.

iPad (2010) - Influenced different ways to interact with technology

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