Unbroken Hilary, Marilyn, Mia, Noelle

The Red Circle
Fact-Louie went to college and ran track there.
Imagery-Louie drove a 1931 Ford. Glen Cunningham (top right) was his friend and supporter.
Fact- The Tokyo Olympics got cancelled because of the war.
Japanese bomber plane.
Sharks and Bullets
Fact/imagery-This grid shows the main points of this chapter. Japanese war plane (upper left) two sharks (upper right) life raft (lower left) and lastly, the supplies that were on Louie's raft (lower right).
Fact/imagery-This picture shows a birds eye view of where Louie was on his raft when he was being attacked by the Japanese.
imagery-This picture gives a good idea of what Louie, Phil, and Mac looked like on the raft.
Imagery-This picture shows what the men had to do when they were fixing the raft.
Fact- this is a map of where Louie was on the raft.
Fact- This is where the POW camp was located.
Imagery- This is a picture of what the POW bunks looked like.
Facts/imagery- This grid shows the men at the camp and the Bird (lower left) . The POWs (upper left) were given little food and were starving. The POWs were walking in deep snow (upper right). The Pows were gathering rice (lower right) because of their starvation.
Fact/imagery-Louie worked at a coal barge every day, walking miles, lugging heavy loads of coal.
Fact/Imagery- The people who worked on the farms did not get to eat what they harvested, they would be severely punished.
Fact/Imagery-This is a vessel that carried the coal that Louie labored.

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