Road Safety May 2020


Hello again! Well the last week of half term, how fast has this past 9 weeks gone! I thought I'd check in with you all - I hope you are all keeping safe.

My children seem to have adapted well to working from home however they are missing their family and friends which I'm sure you all are. Its the start of Mental Health Awareness week today the theme is kindness so make sure you are all looking after yourselves and each other.


Things seem to be changing all the time more people are returning to work and schools are looking to re-open for some children next month if its safe to do so. Once we are allowed out to see family and friends and things start returning to a new 'normal' we need to make sure we are safe on and at the side of our roads. Social distancing is going to be around for sometime yet and when out walking we need to make sure we stick to the 2 metre distance rule please make sure you are not just stepping in to the road, the roads have been quieter than usual over the past couple of months however with people returning to work our roads will once again be very busy!


With people returning to work and schools looking to re-open people will be starting to use their vehicles again, remember to make sure you are wearing your seat-belt and ask everyone else in the car to do so too to keep you safe!


Over the last few months I have seen lots of bikes on our roads, we are being advised to not travel by public transport for our own safety so walking and cycling has become a very good way of travelling, keeps us healthy too! You might have been out on your bikes recently or thinking of getting your bike out ready for returning to school, check your bike make sure its road worthy, are the tyres pumped, are the brakes working properly and is the chain safe. Also think about getting that helmet out and wearing it to protect your head in case of any accidents.


Its also a big change for out Year 6 students who are getting ready to start secondary school this September, many won't have any transition days and starting a new school can feel scary never mind the large secondary schools we have now!

When starting secondary school its also a time when many children often start thinking about travelling to school on their own, with friends or on school buses this type of travel at the present time though maybe not possible. I am attaching some useful information about thinking of travelling to school independently and how to be safe while doing so


Hope this information helps you to plan your journey to secondary school which you can be practising if you are going to walk or cycle, remember your GREEN CROSS CODE when crossing the road, THINK, STOP, LOOK, LISTEN, THINK AGAIN! Always look RIGHT - LEFT - RIGHT AGAIN has many times as you need to always starting on the RIGHT and ending on the Right.

Stay safe, Take care until next time

Best Wishes Kerry Birks Road Safety Officer (Public Health) (kerrybirks@barnsley.gov.uk)


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