PROGRAM DATES: June 14 to July 9, 2021

Course Options

Exploration of Architecture

Gain 3D spacial awareness and understanding, learn the fundamentals of design and composition, operate digital softwares for 2D and 3D modeling, and much more in a 4-week credit or 2-week non-credit immersive and engaging course.

Introduction to Business

Develop practical and conceptual knowledge of managing a small business and the resources needed for sustainment and growth.

Exploring Entrepreneurship

Be immersed in the world of establishing and building a company. The course blends business theory and explores the practices and challenges of being an entrepreneur.

3D Character Design and Creation

Learn an overview of significant innovations in the areas of video game development, modern character design, and modeling techniques while exploring the range of 3D technologies in use today.

Discover Engineering

Experience a wide range of engineering applications for a variety of engineering majors through designing, building, and testing your own projects, conducting research, and working in teams to accomplish challenging tasks.

The Covid-19 Crisis: The Past, Present, and Future of Global Health

Learn about trends in global burden of disease, emerging infectious and chronic diseases, more about the COVID-19 outbreak and response, the roles of poverty, human rights, social justice, and cultural competency in promoting health worldwide, and much more!

Storytelling in the Digital Age

Learn interviewing, reporting, and writing techniques, as well as media law and accountability journalism. You will have the flexibility to produce stories about sports, politics, religion, the arts, culture, and the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acting Intensive

Work with theatre professionals and explore a creative experience in the dramatic arts. Learn in a inclusive, collaborative, and interactive, conservatory-style environment

The Brain: Introduction to Neuroscience

Explore normal brain development as well as abnormal occurrences in the brain and their effects on human function and behavior over the lifespan. 

Psychological Science & Society

Delve into the fascinating world of psychology, learn how to think like a scientist, and develop skills and strategies that will help you excel in contributing to the scientific field and to society.

The Science of Food, Nutrition and the Biological World

Use biological sciences in an applicable context by using relating the food we eat to an understanding of molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology, health and nutrition.

Legal Reasoning and Argumentation

Learn the skills necessary for successful legal reasoning and how to relate this knowledge to everyday problems. Watch federal appellate court proceedings and see these skills applied (and mis-applied) in real life.

Creative Writing Workshop

Learn to “read as a writer” and “write for a reader.” The Creative Writing Workshop course will encourage you to experiment in order to define and refine your own voice.

Ethics in the 21st Century: Business, Politics & Technology

Apply critical thinking and logic to learn about ethical theories, business ethics, political philosophy, and everyday ethics of technology.

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