2017 How the Kids Are Growing

First realized goal of the year ... Get Our Own Bedroom! Well, it's 50% realized. They moved downstairs from a tiny shared bedroom with stacked bunk beds, into Garrett's room downstairs where there is enough room to have both beds on the floor. We put new floors in downstairs and as we finish a room, we move the "new" things in. So they'll share a room until we get the floor done in Ellie's new bedroom and then they'll sleep like the little Princess and Prince that they are :).

  • JANUARY 03 -- Garrett learned to hand sew last year and he loves it. I have walked them through using a sewing machine but neither of them really took to it, but they both like to sew by hand. My friend Lori gave Ellie a doll kit with all the pieces to sew the doll and its clothes but we haven't started it yet. In this picĀ are my PJ pants that Garrett did a great job stitching a hole in the leg. I wonder how long it will take one of them to start cutting up things just to sew them.

Yummy breakfasts will change for us this year. No way we can stop eating homemade biscuits and French Toast from homemade sourdough BUT we will eat it a little less often.

JANUARY 09, 2017 -- Poor Ellie lost her hamster. This morning as we were rushing out the door to my office, we saw the cage was open and both hamsters were gone, but had no time to look for them. When we got home we found Alex in the laundry room and he was barely breathing. She wrapped him in a towel and took him to room to lay with him until he took his last breath. She sat in my lap and planned his funeral -- it will be a simple one with just her, Garrett, mommy, daddy, Frosty, and Humphrey (Garrett's hamster) and we will find a graveyard where no one will walk on him. We think we know one but I won't say where it is because I don't want to get caught and have to explain!

JANUARY 09, 2017 -- Ellie is twirling again this year and she loves it. Her dress rehearsal is this weekend and next weekend is the big performance at the Basketball Championship halftime. This year they are Spanish Dancers and they're all so cute! I'll put an album out just for that event.

JANUARY 12, 2017 -- These kids LOVE to read and I LOVE that!! Their Kindergarten teacher was from Hoover and we loved her anyway but later when I realized what she did, in teaching both kids to read, I loved her even more. They can literally read anything from any source. They may not understand many (or any) of the words but they learned how to break it down and they can read it as well as any adult. It still amazes me to hear it.

I'm not sure at what point they will begin to enjoy the farm (and farm chores) like Will and I do but I hope it happens eventually. They know so much more about animals than I did at that age, and they are both very intuitive and sensitive to the animals. I could see Garrett becoming a large animal vet; and I could see Ellie living in the city, raising cactus in the windowsill.

JANUARY 12, 2017 -- We had to go out and dig out the gate to the backyard fence so we could let the sheep out to get some exercise. The kids played on the pile of snow that come from scooping off the deck. We are supposed to get more snow this next week and if we get enough, that pile will be tall enough that they could get on and off the deck without the steps. It sounds fun, but I wonder which one of the kids will first get the idea to sled down it from the deck railing???

Ellie fell back off the pile and got stuck. She has such a fun personality! She is mostly always smiling, she cares so much for other people, she is fun-loving, and such a blessing to our family. I know the older she gets she will just draw people to herself. She is magnetic.

JANUARY 12, 2017 -- Tooth #4 is trying so hard to go but it just won't! Her other teeth came out pretty clean but this one is just gross and it was her first tooth that seemed "funny" to show everyone. Surprisingly, the boys tell her to do it again; the girls hide their faces and run off; she watches it over and over in the mirror :).

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