Bowdoin Athletics Healthcare Heroes Honoring Student-Athlete Alumni on the front lines

We offer this tribute to Polar Bear alumni around the world who have traded their Bowdoin College Athletics uniforms for the ones they now wear on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for the sacrifices you are making on behalf of the common good, day in and day out. We are honored and grateful to call you teammates, friends, and family. Go U Bears!

Dr. Stephanie Ludy '13, Emergency Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts
Molly Popolizio '14, Registered Nurse, New York, New York
Dr. Ben Denton-Schneider '11, Resident Physician, El Cerrito, California
Dr. Charlotte Williamson '15, Emergency Medicine, New York, New York
Kirsten Prue '14, Occupational Therapist, Denver, Colorado
Dr. Kerry Townsend Meltzer '13, Emergency Medicine, New York, New York
Amy Hackett LeBlanc '12, Registered Nurse, Newburyport, Massachusetts
Dr. Celeste Swain '12, OBGYN, San Francisco, California
Dr. Caitlin Civiello '10, Emergency Medicine, Falmouth, Maine
Dr. Anthony Regis '07, Emergency Medicine, Lewiston, Maine
Dr. Tracy Shirey '14, Resident Physician, Atlanta, Georgia
Dr. Mark Yakavonis '05, Orthopedic Surgeon, Greenwich, Connecticut
Molly Nestor '11, Nurse Practitioner, Boston, Massachusetts
Dr. Rachel Waldman Williams '09, Emergency Medicine, Portland, Maine
Dr. Cielle Collins '15, Resident of Medical Physics, Providence, Rhode Island
Dr. Jenna Pariseau Flanagan '07, OBGYN Physician, Boston, Massachusetts
Dr. Julia Jacobs '10, Medical Officer, Washington, DC
Dr. Susanna Howard '14, Neurosurgery Resident, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Shelagh Merrill '12, Registered Nurse Emergency Department, Denver, Colorado
Dr. Clare Ronan '10, Resident Physician, Boston, Massachusetts
Hillary Smyth '12, Physician Assistant, Boulder, Colorado
Dr. Elisabeth Wong '11, Medical Intensive Care, New Haven, Connecticut
Dr. Jillian Berkman '12, Neurology Resident, Boston, Massachusetts
Dr. Augy Kerschner '11 Emergency Medicine, Vineland, New Jersey
Dana Riker '10, Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Emily Swaim Ranaghan '09, Oncology nurse, Boston, Massachusetts

Additional Heroes: Women's Rugby: Dr. Frances R. Jensen '87, Ms. Maria A. Vandis '88, Dr. Jennifer G. Andrus '90, Dr. Deborah A. Levine '92, Mrs. Raquel M. Forsythe '93, Dr. Jenna H. Burton '94, Dr. Elizabeth G. Mayer '94, Mrs. Megan R. Britton '95, Dr. Barbara E. Follestad '97, Dr. Laura S. Hopkins '97, Dr. Amy Roberts '97, Ms. Kristen E. Maddoux '98, Dr. Laura S. Dominici '98, Dr. Christine J. Gieszl '98, Dr. Heather C. Readhead '98, Ms. Lianne A. Hirano '99, Ms. Anne N. Hackman '00, Dr. Megan E. Faughnan '02, Ms. Julie A. Thompson '02, Ms. Mara H. Tittler '02, Ms. Eleanor C. Doig '03, Ms. Karen E. Finnegan '03, Dr. Amy Funkenstein '03, Ms. Elizabeth G. King '03, Mrs. Blythe A. Macek '04, Dr. Courtney Reilly '04 (Czikesz), Ms. Nicole L. Galloway '05 (Byers), Dr. Melissa H. Hayden '05, Dr. Laura Sartori '06, Ms. Margaret B. Griffith '07, Ms. Rachael F. Phelan '07, Ms. Naomi Kordak'07, Sara Utzschneider '07, Ms. Jennifer Kennedy '08, Ms. Alicia J. Velez '08, Dr. Carolyn A. Miller '08, Ms. Emily Skinner '08, Ms. Shemeica N. Binns '09, Ms. Maria B. Koenigs '09, Ms. Leah M. Navarro '11, Ms. Loryn Fridie '11, Dr. Dijoia Darden '12, Ms. Colleen Maher '12, Ms. Kathleen G. Mathews '12, Ms. Zara Bowden '13, Ms. Althea Cavanaugh '13, Ms. Nicole I. Love '14, Ms. Amanda Montenegro '14, Ms. Noelani G. Rosillo '14, Ms. Anita Shah '14, Ms. Emily S. Athanas-Linden '15, Ms. Emily King '16, Ms. Samantha Hoegle '17, Ms. Hayleigh Kein '16, Ms. Kendall Schutzer '18, Women's Lacrosse: Dr. Libby Barton Winton '09 Softball: Courtney LaPierre Grater '09, Dr. Kristi Miller '02 Men's Basketball: Dr. Nicholas Browning '95, Andrew Boyle '95 Women's Soccer: Emily Swaim Ranaghan '09, Grace Moore Lee '08, Bobbi Dennison Navarro '08, Kat Whitley Fuller '08, Claire Cutting '08, Men's Rowing: William LoVerme '02

This is just a small percentage of the former Polar Bears now wearing uniforms in the medical field. If you would like to be added to this list or know of another Polar Bear in the medical field, please reach out to Assistant Athletic Director for Communications Jim Caton at jcaton@bowdoin.edu

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