My Trip to the Florida Museum of Natural History By: Alyssa Ohmstede

Nature on Display: In the Butterfly Rain Forest, there were many butterflies of all different colors, and little birds of different species living in harmony with each other. The ability to walk among the animals was fun and exciting, and seeing them first hand was easier to understand their differences and lifestyle. The opportunity to flip through the book of species and try to find them, as well as read the signs about their feeding habits and coloring, was influential in making the experience more educational. I loved the hands on nature of this exhibit.
Nature and Ethics: I think that the Butterfly Rain Forest is definitely a way for humans to be able to admire nature. It was a nice place to take a deep breath and relax for a few minutes, as it was peaceful and serene. This portion of the museum made everyone that was in it smile, whether you were a child or an elderly person. The ability to connect with nature was first hand and embraced Leopold's ideas of constructing nature instead of "conquering land".
Nature and the Human Spirit: I also liked this exhibit in the museum, the Florida Fossils. I enjoyed that I was able to see many different species and learn about animals before how we see them today. For example, I work with horses on a daily basis, but being able to see what the average horse looked like many years ago was very interesting. This exhibit definitely helped me better appreciate all that we know about the evolution of animals, as well as think about how much we still don't know.

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