Recruit Forum News for and from the young researchers in the Nansen Legacy

The group is growing!

The Nansen Legacy has funding for more than 50 recruitment positions (PhD and PD), of which 45 are now employed. In addition, the project funds young researchers at non-educational institutions like MET, and is lucky enough to have a growing number of affiliated PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. All in all, the Nansen Legacy Recruit Forum now embraces 55 young scientists, with many more to come in the months ahead!

Nansen Legacy Alumni

As the project goes into its third year, the first early career positions are coming to an end and the project is facing that some of its young scientists are going over to positions outside the Nansen Legacy. The project hopes to keep tightly in touch with all of its former colleagues through an alumni network.

“Arctic Ocean Functioning” – the first Nansen Legacy intensive course

The first Nansen Legacy interdisciplinary intensive course for PhD students and post docs was held at UiT’s field station in Skibotn 2-7 February 2020. Participants included 19 lecturers from six NL institutions, and 18 students from nine NL institutions. The course was arranged into four overarching themes: advection, stratification, sea ice, and ecosystem - one theme per day. Each theme was presented from different disciplinary angles from several lecturers. Throughout the course, students also worked in groups of 3-4 people, building a conceptual model in which their own research was coupled with the research of the other members of the group. The course led to valuable cross-disciplinary discussions, generating new research ideas between NL scientists, and hence serving also as a seeding bank for new interdisciplinary collaboration.

Participants of the first Nansen Legacy intensive course in February 2020.

Pitching their science

During last years Recruit Forum, 13 early career scientists took the challenge and explained in front of a camera their work. The result: a series of short pitches, which show the width of the research conducted in the project. The video clips will be published via social media in the weeks to come.

The Nansen Legacy recruits have also launched the Instagram account @nansenlegacyresearch, where they convey their experience as young researchers to a broader audience in English. Would you like to contribute, please contact the leader of the initiative Elizabeth Jones.

Instagram @nansenlegacyresearch

Recruit Forum 2020

The Recruit Forum 2020 will be held at Sletvik field station, Nov 8-10.

Sletvik field station belongs to the Department of Biology at NTNU
[Title photo: Oliver Müller (UiB) and Anette Wold (NPI) pack an ice core for transportation back to the ship during the seasonal Nansen Legacy cruise in August 2019. (c) Christian Morel / www.christianmorel.net]