Introduction to World War 2 Hayden Brady

Why did WW2 happen

World War 2 is happening because Germany could not pay the damages of WW1 that they were supposed to pay. Aldolf Hitler became there leader. He wanted to get revenge on the country's. So he wanted to take control of them.

Aldolf Hitler leader of Germany

Aldolf Hitler became the dictator of Germany in 1933. He was mad that Germany had to pay for WW1. He hated Jews and blamed Jews for Germany's problems. He invaded a lot of people. He invaded Poland first.

Benito Mussolini Dictator of Italy

Benito Mussolini became the Dictator of Italy in 1922.The thing is that he took over his own country in 1936.

Francisco Franco

Francisco Franco became Dictator of Spain in 1939. He took over his own country and became the dictator.

Joseph Stalin

He became the Dictator of the Soviet Union in 1924. Just like most everyone else he took over his own country.

Hideki Taio

Hideki Taio became prime minister of Japan in 1938. Joined the Axis powered. Took over his own country.

American Flag

They didn't join the war because nobody attacked them. Also because they didn't want people die pointlessly.

Time line
Pearl Habor

On December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Habor, because of that the U.S joined the war.

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