War of 1812 By: Vanraj.s

War of 1812-1812-1815

What year did it take place and which groups were involved in the war?

  • This war took place on June 18, 1812 and ended on February 17, 1815. The war was between the British and the Americans
The British flag
American flag
A cannon

Causes of the War

The cause of the war was the conflict that started in Europe for almost 2 decades after Napoleon became the first consul of France.

  • In the early 1800`s British forced the American sailors to work with the British navy.
  • On October 21st 1805, Britain had the advantage to enforce blockade of France.
  • On the 21st of November 1806 Napoleon ordered a blockade of shipping to stop British trade.
  • In 1813, the British declared war against the Americans
  • In 1815, the Treaty of Ghent was signed which ended the war.
  • British began to stop American ships from trading in Europe.
The war between the Americans and the British


  • The consequences of this event was signing the Treaty of Ghent which happened in 1815.
  • All the disputes over boundaries were forwarded to the joint commissions to resolve.
Person who was the commissioner of the Treaty of Ghent.

Historic significant

  • Who would take control of Canada.
Canadian flag

Changes in BNA

  • Many fields were damaged when farmers were away
  • Food supplies was in danger from small harvests
  • Wars also effect groups of people to meet the common enemies
  • Religious people and politicians tried not to make people go with the Americans
  • Canadians thought Americans were challenging
Fields damaged

The impact of this event on various groups

  • Loss of lives
  • Food limited
  • Loss of homes
  • Mental health issues
  • Disease
Loss of homes

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