Alden,Cypress Battle of MidwaY

This battle was six months after Pearl Harbor. June third ,1942. It was at Midway Atoll 1,300 miles northwest from Oahu.


There were four Japenase carriers, seven battleships, one hundred and fifty support ships, two hundred and forty eight carrier aircrafts, and fifteen subs(submarines).


We had three carriers,fifty support ships, two hundred and thrifty three carrier aircraft, one hundred and twenty seven land based aircrafts, and eight subs.

The key people were Admiral Yamamoto. The American leaders were Admiral nimitz and commander Fletcher.

We won the battle because the advances of code breaking. We were able to save the remaining aircraft carriers. It was a turning point in the war. We were waiting for them with a lot of aircrafts and ships. We ambushed them and attacked them while the planes were refueling. Their navy could never fully recover from that war.

The Japanese lost three out of four aircraft carriers and they lost three hundred and twenty two aircrafts and over five thousand sailors. America lost forty seven aircrafts and more than three hundred seamen.

Fun facts

The Japanese named their ships Kaga,Akagi,Soryu,Hiryu. We named ours Enterprise, Hornet,Yorktown.

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