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Teens are overflowed with school and home problems. This is why they are always so stressed out! They have so many responsibilities, and it can be hard to deal with it. Studies show that about 49 percent of high school students say they feel a great deal of stress. There is a light at the end of the chores/books/college applications filled tunnel, however. Stress is the body's reaction to everyday challenges. Once you get a hold of the situation, it's possible to deal with the stress and make it go away.

Stress is a common reaction to anything challenging or scary. Long-lasting stress, however, can lead to bigger problems that are harder to solve. It's important to know a few tricks to manage your stress so you can continue down the rainbow/sunshine road of life.

How To Deal With Stress

  • Plan ahead: If you're totally stressed about a final in a class, make sure you have time in each day to study, and plan out what to look over and for how long. you'll feel more prepared and confident, and you're stress will die down.
  • Seek out help/support: Tell your friends and family what you're stressed about, and they can help you cope with it and overcome whatever challenge is causing the stress.
  • Relaaax: Sometimes all you need to get rid of that stress is just taking a deep breath. Find something that makes you happy. Take a moment to laugh. It'll calm you down and clear your mind.

This video goes more into depth as to why teens are always so stressed:


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