Sketchbook Brewing Co. brewing beer, drawing happiness

Sketchbook Brewing Co. is a community supported nano brewery, co-founded in 2014, by two beer enthusiasts - Shawn Decker and Cesar Marron. Since then they have expanded their community by offering high-quality, thoughtfully brewed beer.

Did you say 'Beer'?

They not just brew any beer, they brew celebration and appreciation for different milestones in life. Their beer, brewed in small batches, has both flavor and sentiment. On tap right now is "twice lucky" which is named after their success story of failing once and rising again. "Turbulence" as the name suggests is a dark, intense flavored imperial stout.

The wall of fame for beer enthusiasts who were/are sketchbook supporters.
These are the people who helped us from the ground up - Amy Wilkinson, server and a member of Sketchbook Community supported brewing club.

Sketchbook Brewing allows its customers to become members of its community supported brewery club and in turn receive a free growler (jug made out of brown glass or stainless steel, to protect fresh draft beer) and discounts.

It all started in the winter, across the parking in the alley at the orange door!


Marron and Decker started a nano brewery at a backdoor facility in Evanston. They started inviting over friends, well-wishers and beer fans to try their freshly brewed beers. How did people find sketchbook? They were directed to enter the bright orange door in the alley and that was a humble beginning which gave Sketchbook's first IPA its name, "Orange Door", bold grapefruit flavor contrasted by malt sweetness depicting the character of Sketchbook Brewing Co.

The Orange door at its origin

"No parking" and "Snowy owl" were the other initial brews that were sold when Sketchbook was more a backdoor place to pick up beer.

The creativity beer can ignite

As the name implies, there are color pencils and coaster papers to draw spontaneous sketches which are then displayed on boards facing the wall of fame.

Beers in the making with the founder Cesar Marron
Customers at Sketchbook admire the experience, taste and creativity of the nanobrewery.
Flight of four beers , a package to taste four different beer samples

Visit Sketchbook brewing company at 821 Chicago Ave, Evanston. Try a flight of beers if you haven't experienced the flavorful brews yet. Don't forget to leave a coaster sketch!

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SketchBook Brewery, Vijeta Ojha

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