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In the 1600's and 1700's madhouses or lunatic asylums were overpopulated, understaffed, unsanitary and full of unwatched patients, with the help of Nellie Bly author of the book "Ten Days In A Mad-House" and many others the issues in asylums throughout slowly began to die down.

Nellie Bly, also known as Elizabeth Cochran committed herself into one of the largest asylums on Blackwell’s Island. Nellie wanted to expose the poor living conditions and mistreatment throughout the hospital. It was not until the book “10 Days in a Madhouse” was released that institutions began to see a reform.

“I have never written a word that did not come from my heart. I shall never” (Bly).

The beds were uncomfortable, rats and mold were in the vicinity of patients. Bly wanted others to know how most patients felt in these madhouses

Patients in madhouses during this time period were unsupervised, the government to this day is constantly being stalked because of its failure to properly watch the mentally ill.

There are about 100 killings a year in mental asylums, out of a total of 600-700. With the shortage of hospital beds, mentally ill people end up in unsuitable places, sometimes in bedsits without supervision, sometimes in prison with plenty of supervision but little medical care. (The Economist).

Dorothea Dix

For two years Dorothea Dix traveled throughout the state of Massachusetts visiting jails, madhouses, etc. During her visits she was taking notes on the awful conditions

She helped pass state legislatures for building and renovating facilities. Dix herself founded new hospitals.

Mental Hospitals throughout the years have become a place where people, with mental illness’, depression, and anything between those lines can feel safe. Treatments improved and patients needs were taken into consideration


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