What is the practice that matters now? A practice is any act habitually entered into with our whole heart that takes us to the deeper place.

James Finley, Practice That Grounds Us

May I be healthy and happy...

How does being healthy and happy play a role in why one engages in meditation or other spiritual practice? I find I must move beyond cultural notions of happiness and health (having “the good life” in a material sense), and rather understand the wisdom that happiness comes from letting go of the striving from happiness. Meditation helps us empty ourselves of desire.

I must shed the false self, and take on different form.

Metamorphosis - oil on canvas - 18" x 24"

I come to this meditation practice motivated to learn how to be myself. To learn how to simply be OK with myself, and everything else, and what is. I've come to realize that this practice of the present moment is learning how to discover one's true self.

A liberated being; the person I am born to be, in the eyes of Divine Love. For me, that is as an artist freely making images, being in and connected with my body, walking in the world, and seeing the interconnectedness between myself, the earth, and all other things.

Everything else can be let go. If only it were so simple. I trust that this meditation will teach me to do some recycling and composting.

My motivation is to bring my true self to this practice. Allow everything else to fall away, and trust it will all hold together.