Social injustice Maritza garcia

Universal theme : All are equal, but not all are treated equally.

"The Chrysanthemums"

'"It must be nice," she said. It must be very nice. I wish women could do such things." "It ain't the right kind of a life for a women. Her upper lip raised a little, showing her teeth. "How do you know? How can you tell?" She said. "' (Pg. 6)

Elisa was underestimated by this man just Pbecause she was a woman. The man thought she wasn't capable of what he did just because she is a woman. Steinbeck was showing his readers that being a woman in these times was considered 'not capable' to do certain things. They have to stay classy and sit pretty.

'"I'm strong," she boasted, "I never knew before how strong."' (Pg. 8)

Elisa herself believed she was not capable to do what men could do, because society always put these 'low' standards for women. Elisa then realized that she is as capable to do what men could do. Steinbeck is trying to show his readers that women are capable by giving Elisa this role. For her to then realize she is strong enough, and capable. Proves that anyone could do it no matter if you're male or female.

"Of Mice and Men"

"You had to do it George. I swear you had to." (Pg.

Steinbeck is making his readers infer that lennie would have been worse off living. By slim telling George he had to do it, is telling the reader that lennie was not capable to live off on his own because he was mentally unstable. Also Steinbeck is showing how everyone thought is was for the better and Lennie would've lived even more terribly if he were put into an asylum.


'"Why, he's an animal," she cried. "It was just like whipping a dog."'

The woman was comparing Tularecito to a dog, somewhat implying he's less of a human than she was. Steinbeck was trying to show how people thought less of Tularecito because of the way he acted and looked.

'"Why should I deny gnomes to this queer, unifinished child? Wouldn't his life be richer and happier if he did believe in them? And what harm could it possibly do?"' (Pg 2)

The teacher believes that Tularecito should keep believing in gnomes because he has a right to his own imagination, but not everyone agrees. She felt it would be simpler for him to believe in gnomes rather than him having another tantrum and attacking her.

Legally blonde

A blonde woman decides to go to Harvard Law School to take back her ex-boyfriend. She becomes a very successful lawyer, however along the way she is underestimated and not taken seriously because she is a blonde.


There are multiple examples of social injustice today and Steinbeck did a wonderful job in showing us some. He showed us how Elisa was underestimated for being a women and I believe this still happens today. For example when Hillary Clinton was running for office, many doubted her just for the fact that she is a woman. There are still many other ways social injustice still occurs today such as in the LGBTQ community, racism, women still being treated as property intead of an actual human being, the list goes on. This just goes to show how all are equal, but not all are treated equally.

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