TKAM Point of View Assignment By:liz keddie

  • Scene: Jem Reading to Mrs.Dubose
  • Point of View: Mrs.Dubose

I was not surprised Jem destroyed my flowers. I mean I did say some nasty words to his daddy Atticus, but I would not have said it if I didn’t mean it. I did not expect no apologies from Jem but I did from Atticus himself. Surely I was right he came right over to my porch apologized for his sons irrationalism and cleaned up that bed himself. I could care less about that bed. I do not care about any apology from that boy because I want him to read to me every afternoon for one month. And you bet his daddy is not going to let him say no to an old sick lady like me. I knew that sister Scout of his would come along too, but I was okay with that. The first time them two kids came over I tried my experiment. I would not take any of my addictive medicine for the time they read to me. And that darn medicine got the best of me I couldn’t even make it to the buzzer before I went all crazy. But, each time I set the alarm for a little bit longer to hold off my addiction longer. Those kids had no idea they were helpin an old sick lady.

  • Calpurnia Taking Jem and Scout to the Colored Church
  • Point of View: Calpurnia

I always wanted to bring Jem and Scout to my colored church. To experience my culture and to realize that a colored church compared to a white church is close to know differences. I knew bringing the white kids to my church would stir up something, but I also knew some of my people would respect em. I mean their Daddy is defending one of us. Oh Lola, I knew I would have the most trouble with her. She is always one sided, can’t see the good in any situation. She was racist towards these kids, my little kids. And I reckon it was the first time these kids ever experienced racism. I would not let her talk to my kids like such. When I saw Lola approaching us I said, “Stop right there, nigger.” I could only imagine what the kids thought of me after I said that. That was the first time they saw me turn into one. But, if there is one thing I hoped these kids walked away with is that we all share the same god, no matter what color skin we are.

  • Scene: Tom Robinson Escaping From Jail
  • Point of View: Tom Robinson

Sitting in my jail cell I reflected on my life. My whole life people always tellin me how to live my life. Often more times the things I could not do more than the things I could. Then I get accused of something I never done, go to court for somethin I never done, and then get charged for somethin I never done. Through the whole case just like the rest of my life, the outcome was never in my hands and I knew that going in. The fate was in the hands of the jury, the all white jury. The court system says that you hold power in telling your side of this trial. They say this even though the power of a white man's word holds superiority over a black mans. My fate was never in my hands, but now it was. Looking out through the bars of my cell I imagined me as a free man. Not free as in out of jail, but free like a bird flying through the endless sky with bundles of options. I wanted that. But, like with all good things, they come with risks. If I were to run away the risk was high to be either found or shot before I even get the chance to call myself a free man. Then I thought of the reward, the reward of being free with no hate on my back, no weight on my shoulders. I decided to take the risk, to put fate in my own hands. And I knew if I made it out, I was a free.

  • Bob Ewell Spitting On Atticus' Face
  • Point of View: Atticus

Saliva on my face from no other than Bob Ewell himself. He swore he would “seek revenge on me”. His anger towards me does not shock me, neither does his irrational response. He has a drunken soul and the first time I ever saw him walk straight was in that court room. Scout, Jem, and Alexandra are all frightened now watching their every move, overthinking the whole situation. I am not worried, and I told them not to be either. I would have much rather told Scout and Jem about this situation myself, but you can not prevent your kids from hearing the rumor mill that runs out of Miss Stephanie's mouth. The fact he has the audacity to come after me, after winning the case in the first places appalls me. He should be the one sitting in that jail cell right now, not innocent Tom Robinson. He got his anger and his need to always be right out by spitting on me. He does not have the manpower or confidence to come after me again, and I am sure of it.

  • Summary

I enjoyed this assignment of taking an important scene and writing it in a different characters point of view rather than just Scout. The whole book of To Kill A Mockingbird is told through the eyes and viewpoint of Scout. While reading the book, the reader can never be sure what the other characters are feeling, only what Scout sees in them. Doing this assignment allowed us the readers to express what we feel the other characters in the book were feeling through important events. I think this project was also important because as stated earlier the readers were never given the chance to see the story in a other characters point of view. I enjoyed the creative writing aspect of this assignment, because it is not something we are given the chance to do a lot. Overall I really enjoyed this project and I hope to do more like this project in the future.

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