Church Architecture By: Erek Colon 4/27/17 Period B

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The Narthex, or "entry" or "foyer", is an inside area separated from the nave, or the "body" of the Church, by a wall. It could also be an porch-like structure.
The Nave is the area where parishioners either sat or stood. It is also the "body" of the Church.
The Sanctuary is the place where the Tabernacle, the holder of the Blessed Sacrament, is kept. It is also a place where there should always be a tabernacle light should be burning.
The Sacristy is where the sacred vestiments, liturgical vessels, and various other things are stored. It has two entrances and a sink with a pipe that bypasses the sewer and goes straight down into the earth.
The Tabernacle is a locked box in the Church. It is where the Eucharist is stored, in some Catholic Churches.
The Lamp of the Tabernacle is a small red flicker of the burning Tabernacle light. It is a sign that Christ is truly Emmanuel, or "God among us".
The Lectern is the podium on the right side of the Church. It is where the Epistles are read.
The Pulpit is the podium on the left side of the Church. It is where the Gospel is read.
The Altar is where the Eucharistic Sacrifice is offered at Mass.
The Baptismal Font is part of the furniture of the Church. It is what the Church uses for Baptism.
The Stations of the Cross are a series of images. They depict the life of Jesus Christ.
The Chair for the Celebrant, or the Chair for the Priest, signifies where the celebrant sits during Liturgy.
The Transept is the transverse arm of the Church. The left side is called the North Transept and the right side is called the South Transept.
The Apse is a domed area where the altar is located.
The Dome is an architectural element of the Church. It is supposed to resemble the upper half of a sphere.
The Ambulatory, or cloister, is a walkway that can be either on the inside or the outside of a structure.

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