Boom to Bust Jawaad Pezreh

In the 1920s people were spending and everything was going great for the people who were living in urban areas. They would go out to clubs with friends and spend lots of money. Everything changed when the stock market crash happened, and then during the thirties life got tougher because of the great depression.

The women looks worried for her children

This picture is about how a woman and her children during the depression. The women in this photo seems worried about how she is going to help her kids

The home life was easy and people were happy they would go out with their friends to clubs and movies. There life was good and they enjoyed it but then it changed when the the great depression happen. People had to sell their houses and cars to make money. Many people lived outside of city’s. People had to sell their houses and live in hoover vills. Many children got sick and diseases and health issues. The home life was not good for the people during the 1930s.

A girl in a broken house

This is what some people lived in because they had no money to keep their houses they lived in hoovervills…”

A women and her baby

This picture is about a women and how she was worried and how she was going to help her children

Hoovervills home life

this is what a hoover vill looks like and people were living in them

Hungry people

This a picture how they are getting free food because they are starving and most people don't have jobs because of the depression

The economy was really good during the 1920s there were lots of spending and people going and buying expensive jewelry and nice clothing, but then when the stock market came everything changed. The 1930s was a horrible time for people to live in expectantly during the great depression. The economy was horrible during the 1930s there were lot of businesses starting to close. During the mid 1930s the unemployment rate hit its peak at 25% and it cost almost 16 million people there jobs.

people have no money and get free food

This s a picture showing how people were hungry and some shops where giving them free food

People also had leisure time and would go out with their friends and go to dances and movies that is what people did for fun during the 1920s this was their way of having fun. When the stock market crash and then the depreshion happen more and more people stayed inside but people still went out and had fun with there friends and spend money but this rarely happened because they had to keep as much money as they can for food for their family. Then the sand storm that happened during the thirties made it worse for the people because they lived in bad houses and the sand would be on the roof and the houses would fall on top of them.

Kids that have no homes

People had to sell their homes and went to live in hoovervilles and their parents were seeking for jobs

People running off on trains

This is a picture about how the people are leaving and going to the west because they can't find jobs so they jumped on trains to leave to make money

The role of government was good during the 1920s and everything was going good they had no problems until the 1930s because Herbert hoover was 7 months into the crash and the country dropped and was the worst time in the united states. Herbert hoover flavor to adequately and the response made him very UN popular and one of the worst presidents in the u.s.

Kids want there dads to have jobs

Kids wanted their parents to get jobs and their parents were looking for jobs because they needed to help their families

People migrating

People were packing and driving there cars westward to seek new opportunities and they were mostly for jobs

Dust storm

This is a picture of how the dust storms really affected us and affected the farmers a lot

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