the invasive Emerald Ash Borer Anna dolgin

Kingdom:Animalia Family:Bupresotidae Classifcation:insect

Some structural addoptations the emrald ash borer is only 8.5-14mm long thats smaler than a penny. And it lays eggs

Some physical adaptation are: they fly, there green, & there small

Some behavural adoptations emerald ash borer eats the emerald ash tree and destroys them and eventually kills them

The emerald ash boar natural habitat is the emerald ash tree. They invade parts of southern Ontario and parts of Quebec they also invade parts of the Northern Easter united states. They where first detected in Windsor Ontario in 2002.

the emerald ash boar arrived in Northern America in wood packaging on boats from Asia

These are the positive and negative invasive impacts that the emerald ash borer have

The efforts to control invasive species are clear plastic coated in chemicals to kill the ash borers. Also,glue coated green or purple prism trap insulated in canopy of ash trees and being used to conduct area wide surveys for early detection of emerald ash borer infestations. Traps use a natural chemical that a component in a tree leaves as a mur to capture the befell.


Created with images by andyarthur - "Ash Trees Along Trail" • Kerry Wixted - "Emerald Ash Borer Trap" • Nicholas_T - "Dale's Ridge Trail (15)" • vaprwere - "White ash canopy"

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