Environment Ecosystem and Biodiversity of Colombia Jesmin aktar

Introduction : Its tropical rainforests, Andean mountain, tropical glaciers, vast plains, coast on two oceans with mangroves, coral reef islands and atolls; desers and a myriod of rivers and streams.

Country: Colombia is bordered on the northwest by Panama, on the east by Venezuela and Brazil, and on the southwest by Peru and Ecuador. Through the western half of the country, three Andean ranges run north and south. it is considered among the world's four richest countries in biological diversity. This means that there are probably more animal and plant species here than in any other country on the planet regardless of size.

Ecosystem and Environment: Rainforests.

Organism: Butterfly . The butterfly name is Morpho Menelaus, A Morpho Butterfly is one of over 80 described species of butterflies that reside in the rain forests. They are one of the best-known butterflies, and a favorite rain-forest species. Morpho butterflies are dwell in the forest canopy layer and rarely come near the understorey and forest floor layers.

Conservation efforts: Morpho butterfly is not dangers, they can fly, and , the blue morpho butterfly’s wings are bright blue, edged with black. The blue morpho is among the largest butterflies in the world. The blue morphos butterfly are severely threatened by deforestation of tropical forests and habitat fragmentation.

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