The coug gazette A Wazzu Racing Update

week of april 2

Another week of hard work down. Michigan get ready for wazzu racing!

The team made lots of progress in many areas this week, such as welding, design, and machining.

Anthony butay

This past week Anthony finished many welding projects. He attached the fuel tank onto the chassis and finished the header.

Photographed on the right is Patrick Patel, controls/brakes/safety subsystem lead.

The header project took Anthony over 100 hours to complete, and his hard work shows! It has since then been attached to the engine block. Piece by piece the #87 car is coming together and looking good!

Robert Thonney, a member of the suspension team, machined the bell-cranks this past week on a Haas CNC mini mill.

Finished bell cranks, photo courtesy of Robert Thonney.

Bell-cranks are used in pushrod-style suspension and allow for the shock-absorber to be mounted horizontally within in the vehicle rather than vertically. This configuration creates a lower vehicle profile, reducing aerodynamic drag.

Suspension lead, Garrett Hall, finished spacers and other steering components.

Right photo courtesy of Garrett Hall, suspension lead.

Conor Murnane, the frame/body/aero subsystem lead, completed the foam nose cone which is sitting ready to have a wet layup done along with the body foam mold. Watch out for next week's update to see pictures from the layup!

The foam nose cone, photo courtesy of Conor Murnane

Many 3-D printing and CNC mill projects are either in progress or completed. The team has put in a lot of work this past week and the car is getting closer to running! Check back next week for another update on our progress in the shop and watch out for our first test-run video!

These past week's work could not be done without the help and support of our sponsors. thank you! Our team members can continue to gain vital experience because of you.

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