Project 3 by Garrett Mason

We were to individually learn about fabrication and manufacturing. We were to design our own ideas to build and also research constraint of DFM on the 3D Printer, CNC Mill, and the Laser Cutter.

My first design was by the 3D printer and I designed for it to build a fidget spinner. In first attempt I used the SLA printer and my design didn't come out as planned and once I had seen someone else create a fidget spinner on the FDM printer I thought maybe if I did a reprint that it would come out how I wanted it. I made sure my design was how I wanted it and then printed it off the FDM printer. My reprint on the FDM printer came out great my, design could of been a little smaller but it still works just need to add my weights to each end. The first thing the printer did was put stilts on for support on the bottom and then started putting layers down of my part.

My second design was on the CO2 Laser Cutter and I designed my last name engraved inside of a frame. Once I had created my design we sent it to a computer that ran adobe illustrator and then created color on each cut to show if we wanted certain things engraved, cut, or etched. Then we would turn on the air and put the design into the computer connected to the Laser Cutter and then the Laser Cutter was very quick in designing the product that I wanted. The finished product came out great. It was very cool to watch the Laser Cutter it was fast an efficient.

My final design was on the SRM-20 CNC machine and I designed baseball with the border sticking out. I had made this design for my dad, he wanted to put it in the man cave and I was originally going to cut off the border but my dad would like to put a field or something on the outside border. I started by making my CNC design into a STL file and then I posted it into class share. They received my file and first lined up the wood so that the tool path was centered in the middle of the wood and then started the process of cutting into the wood.

DFM or Design for Manufacturing is made for something to be designed and has good quality, is efficient, and low in cost (Anderson 2017).

Some constraints on the machines used, the SRM-20 CNC milling machine are that the bit can't make sharp or precise cuts and the machine is always moving so it is touch to get the straight cut that you want. For the 3D printer some of the constraints are that sometimes the printer won't be exact like you want it to be and also that it has to lay down a base for stabilization that you have to rip or cut off after.

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