Nocturne Court 2018

Every year the sophomores, juniors, and seniors are sent a ballat of their classmates names. On this ballat, they vote for 5 people to be on Nocturne Court. It is an honor to be nominated by your class to be on Court and a great way to represent your class.

Sophomore Court
Anou Akot, Samantha Burns, Emma Elsasser, Carolyn Klein, and McKenzie Moore were this year’s Sophomore Nocturne Court. They were all great nominees and deserving of the title. They were all in beautiful dresses and camera ready!
Junior Court
Anna Buck, Sophie Emmer, Katie Geist, Rhys Slavik, and Gianna Jergovic were nominated for this year’s Junior Nocturne Court. These girls will always remember their second nocturne!
Senior Court
Macey McGargill, Addie Costello, Macy McClellan, Jordan Fett, and Megan Oswald were this year’s Senior Nocturne Court. All of these girls were perfect for the position of Nocturne Queen!
Carolyn receiving the crown
Carolyn was very happy when her name was announced as Sophomore Princess. All of her friends congratulated her as she was being crowned!
Katie Geist’s surprised look when she won!
Everyone in the crowd screamed and cheered very loud when junior, Katie Geist, was crowned as a Nocturne Princess. Katie is a very outgoing and kind-hearted person. Needless to say, she was very happy she won!
Megan Oswald after her crown fell off
Megan Oswald was crowned Nocturne Queen. This is such a great way to celebrate and remember her last Nocturne!
Sophomore Princess — Carolyn Klein
Congratulations, Carolyn! The student body and faculty are so proud of you.
Junior Princess — Katie Geist
Congrats, Katie! The students, faculty, and staff are very happy for you!
Senior Queen — Megan Oswald
Way to go Megan! Everyone is so happy for you and proud of you!
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