Take part in a training experience like no other. Coach Richard Diaz, internationally recognized as one of the very best OCR Running coaches, in collaboration with VeeJay Jones, The 2019 OCR North American 3k Champion and arguably one of the fiercest competitors in the sport, together to serve as your coaches!

Project begins 7/17/20. Space will be highly limited!

Time waits for no athlete, getting started with us on time means more training time leading to your first race, don’t delay!

A Powerhouse of knowledge and experience
VeeJay and his coach after winning the LA Stadium Race

Here’s what our members will receive:

  • Access to our private Facebook page where your coaches and training partners can interact, share their journeys and meet with BOTH COACHES LIVE on a weekly basis.
  • Access to The Diaz Human Performance Training Peaks account where your daily workouts will be posted. By uploading your efforts, your coaches will be able to review your progress with precision. Details like where you trained, changes in elevation, time spent, distance covered, pace, cadence and heart rate. This information reveals your work more effectively than being with you in person!
  • Event specific training. We intend to target the upcoming Spartan Race Series, one event at a time. Coach Diaz has trained countless athletes in preparation for these events and Veejay has been on the Elite Podium for many of them. This is an incredible opportunity to learn from the best!
  • Challenge and Rewards. Everyone loves a challenge! During your training experience your coaches will present you with personal challenges. You will compete with yourself to measure your progress and you may even WIN a REWARD!
  • Not planning to race in the Spartan Series? No problem. The training experience will prepare you for whatever comes your way! After all, the end game is to develop your fitness and become the best you can be!

What does it cost?

  • Becoming a member is easy and inexpensive. Pay us $69.00 per month (open ended) stay on with us as long as you like. If you decide to cancel all we ask is for a 30 day notice to quit via private message or email.
  • We also require a one time enrollment fee. If you agree to a hassle free auto debit plan the enrollment fee is $50.00. If you prefer a monthly invoice the enrollment fee is $99.00.

When does it end?

If all goes as planned, we intend to carry the training right through the 2021 season to include other events such as Hyrox and Dekafit. The only thing that stands in our way is member participation. As long as we have enough members to reasonably continue we will.

Coaching OCR Athletes