Bill Of Rights By: Katherine Scarlett Smith

The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights is the list of the first 10 amendments

They explain how people have certain unalienable rights

The first 10 Amendments

Amendment I- Freedom of Speech, Religion, Press, and Assembly

Amendment II- The right to bear arms

Amendment III- No soldiers can be quartered in civilian homes

Amendment IV- No search and seizure without a warrant

Amendment V- You don't have to testify against yourself

Amendment VI- You have the right to a fast public trial

Amendment VII- You always have a right to a jury of your peers

Amendment VIII- No excessive punishments

Amendments IX- You still have certain rights even if they aren't yet listed in the constitution.

Amendment X- Powers not given to the government are given to the people

The White House (Top Left) The Capitol Building (Top Right) The Supreme Court Building (Bottom Left) The Federal Reserve (Bottom Right)


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