2018 NB Vacation Photos - Videos

It all started on July 25, 2018!

WOW! We had a direct flight from Calgary to Québec! That is amazing because instead of taking 6 - 8 hours in airports. It took 4:30 hours of flying and BOOM we are in Québec! The sad part of flying with WestJet, no entertainment tv behind the seat. Really! Other then that, it was great to get a direct flight.

Grand Falls water fall.

First taking shots of the water fall and Drone footage

First, they wasn't a lot of water in them this summer as you can see that little stream coming down. Also, the water wasn't a normal color. But, I did take some long exposure shots like the one above. Canon 80D, f32 - ISO 100 - 0.8 sec with Canon EF 70-200 f2.8.

Grand Falls Bridge

Wow! Not a lot of water!

In the spring time, image this is full to just below the observation deck on the top left. This one was same camera but, 13 sec exposure at f22. I didn't take the sky because it was just a white blanket! No clouds and not even blue.

Drone Footage from Tigess100 - below

You can zip-line across the Gorge!
Still life photography practice

Stream Jumping!


Great memories where build again! Until next time, take care!

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