My Trait Self Mikayla Maciejewski

Personality Types were introduced by Carl Jung. His theory explains that people can be characterized by their preference of general attitude.

  • Extraversion vs Introversion
  • Sensing vs Intuition
  • Thinking vs Feeling
  • Judging vs Feeling

Jung would characterize me as an introverted person. I'm neither outgoing nor very talkative. I have a more reserved and solitary behavior. I'd rather be with a small group of friends than be with a big group. I also prefer to observe rather than participate right away.

The Big five are five traits that psychologists agree are universal and describe personality variations. I'm more:

  • closed-minded when it comes to new experiences
  • disorganized
  • introverted
  • agreeable
  • neurotic/ nervous

I think these general traits describe my personality accurately, but it also depends on what situation I'm in. For example my school activities and homework are very organized but my room is extremely messy.

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