Norman Rockwell Art piece

For my picture I drew a seahorse with a sea ocean background. I incorporated color and black in my background and my seahorse. I made a mistake on my seahorse but I made a different zentangle out of that mistake. I drew bubbles around it to show that its underwater and it’s a ocean/sea background. I think that I could have put more zentangle in my background and used less color.
This art piece I used unity and gridding. I also used abstraction and enlarging the small pixels. This piece was to blur the distinction between photography and painting to make the piece come together. I could have worked more on making the squares more clear and the colors matching more of the real picture I was looking at and making my art piece more accurate to the real picture. I did good with making the picture clear and using unity and abstraction to put the squares together to show what it’s supposed to be. I used my sister because she has played a big part in my life and is very important to me and has always been my role model.
This art piece I used an then and now idea because it's going to be fall, I used a tree with leaves falling. When it's fall the leaves fall off the tree and I split the sky into then which was summer skies and sun and then now which is gloomy skies. I used oil pastels to my piece and male in emphasis my tree and sun. I used different directions in my sky to make movement in my piece. I made a tree with different shapes and direction the leaves are.
This art piece was inspired by Norman Rockwell's Art piece called "The first trip to a beauty shop," in 1972. I choose to use Shape and Value for this Norman Rockwell piece. I used perspective to set up the composition. The mirror shows the reflection of the persons emotion in the picture, in that piece I am happy but anxious to see what it's gonna look like when it's done. My Art piece is a picture of my Mom doing my hair while I'm in front of a mirror. I used the picture that Norman Rockwell painted of a little girl getting her hair done by her parent, in front of a mirror.
This is a clay Terracotta warrior with many different colors and techniques used while making the clay sculpture. I used pinch pot to make the skirt and after painting the terracotta warrior I glazed the piece to make it shiny. These clay soldiers were buried with china's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang Di. My goals were to make it stand and make the colors blend together, and make it look as close as possible to a clay Terracotta warrior. I used clay to make the sculpture, and I used different techniques to make the warrior.
This Art piece is a still life, Christmas themed watercolor painting. I used multiple layers when I did the branches to get to look more realistic and get it's color. I used value for the Christmas bulbs to make it have shape and form. I also used a lot of water for the candy cane to make it have white and the red strips around it. I think I did good with painting the branches and overlapping colors but the light bulbs and the candy cane I don't think I showed enough form and shape.
This Art piece was made out of wire and Paper Mache. I wanted to do a bird that was really colorful so that it would have contrast and balance throughout the bird. I used paper and cut them into different shapes to make the feathers and. I also used a petal off of a fake flower for the wings and I used yarn for the legs and the feet. I used primary and secondary colors for my bird so that they would blend together more.
This is my Sketchbook for art, I wanted my sketchbook to represent me and I wanted it to connect with art. The colors I used on my sketchbook are my favorite colors. I used paint for my art pallet and the paint brush, I put those on my sketchbook because they represent art and they have to do with art. I used words that would describe me like joyful and creative. When I created the pages in the sketchbook I weaved them together so that they would stay put and I used cloth for the spine on my sketchbook.
I used different hands that I thought would look cool and I did some of them to make it a challenge and figure out what to shade and what to not shade. I used value and shading to make the hands look more realistic. My goals for this artwork was to make them look like real hands and have an definite shape. I used shading in different areas to have form and 3D shaped. I think overall I did pretty good with drawing the hands but I think on some of them I could use more shading to make them look realistic.

I used a kitchen for my perspective room because a lot of things in the kitchen had cabinets that would have form and make it look like an actual kitchen. I decided to have the vertical point at the window so that everything was perspective with the window and lined up with the window. I used form to make the cabinets and the refrigerator. I made sure that I used 3D in all the objects in my kitchen. I think overall I did good on making sure everything was perspective with the window

I used the printmaking process in making this art piece. I drew this cross a long time ago in my sketchbook at home, I decided to use this because it had to do with my religion and I think it'd look good in printing it. I had to figure out my negative and positive space to carve out. I carved out the inside of the circle and then whatever is outside of the circle isn't carved out. I had to make sure that my lines were carved out so that it would show when I printed it out. I think I could of improved by making the lines cleaner and making my negative and positive space better.
This piece is inspired by Jim Dine, Jim Dine drawed mostly tools that people use in their everyday life with no color but lights and dark's. I drew a pencil because it was a tool that I used everyday, to draw with or write with. I decided to make patterns for the background like Jim Dine did. I used contrast and balance in the piece to make my light and dark's. I think I could made it better by getting rid of the the lines and making the light and dark's more realistic.
I think overall I did okay on making all my objects being perspective and getting everything to the vertical line. I used a kitchen because it had more objects I could do. I used form and shape for my object with 3D shapes. I could have used more objects and and I could have made made the door more dimensional. I could have made the floor more straight and more perspective.
I decided to make it just a square to where its building up. I thought to do it just going up as a square because the pieces of paper are the shape of squares. This kind of art is called an Optical illusions. An Optical illusion in are pieces will make the darks pop out or the lights pop out. In my art piece I made a color sequence so that it would make sense when they popped out.
I used charcoal, colored pencil, and oil pastel for each one of them. I had to work as a group to make it. We made a tree out of plastic forks and we used bark for the trunk. we also used bottle caps for the color and leaves to put on the trunk. I used different techniques in using the charcoal and colored pencil and used value in light and darks.
I used an African sunset because of the colors in it that would blend in a lot and make the Batik look good. I used wax in some parts so separate colors like on the sun. The rest I used all the colors for the sunset and let them bleed through each other and blend into each other. I used contrast and balance between the colors and used lights first and then dark. I did this picture because my favorite animal is an elephant and colors go well.
I used a different color string. I did 10 wraps and the stitched it. I had to make 15 feet of the coils to put string on it. I decided to make it larger and wider to put more stuff in. I think I could improve on not showing white space and making it tighter and the strings closet together

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