Rokerthon OU's Appearance on The TODAy Show

Colleges across the country sent the TODAY Show videos explaining why Rokerthon should come to their campus.

Al Roker set off for his 3rd record-setting, cross-country Rokerthon. The first stop on his journey was OU!

Students across campus were involved in the production of OU's appearance on the TODAY show!

Around 900 students rolled out before dawn to be part of the live broadcast and help us break two world records!

In honor of the live weather broadcast, some students came dressed as weather-themed super heroes

Our super fans were there as well.

Despite the early morning, these Sooners brought tons of energy!

Al Roker made a grand entry on the Sooner Schooner.

After corresponding with the studio in New York, he lead the Sooners in our chant!

Boomer Sooner!

Students created a human weather map for the national forecast!

The Pride of Oklahoma formed the outline of the United States and students held the weather elements.

After giving the forecast it was time to get in formation to break two world records!

Sooner Nation donned their ponchos and filled in the outline.

Once they were in formation, the timer started. Five minutes until we break two world records!

We did it! We broke the record for largest human image of a cloud and largest human image of a lightning bold!

Al celebrated with the Sooners!

But Rokerthon wasn't over yet!

Boomer and Sooner were up to their typical antics.

And Al had a surprise gift to announce...

Two students were awarded with scholarships!

After a live broadcast, breaking two world records, and awarding two students with scholarships, we'll never get over how much fun we had at Rokerthon!

Thanks for coming to campus, Al! You're welcome in Sooner Nation anytime!

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